Friday, February 20, 2009

How to make a diaper castle cake

Ok- I see I have a lot of hits for the diaper castle cake and Thank you! That was the first blog I posted that inspired me to start this blog. (Thanks Jill! for inspiring me I love your blog.)

I have just made a new diaper castle cake and took pictures step by step so it won't be confussing to you. So lets begin!

Diaper Castle Cake (take 2)

I bought 2 bags of Luvs size two diapers that is a total of 100 diapers. You will use them all. And a package of mixed sized rubber bands.

Bottom layer is consisted of 3 rows of 20 diapers folder.
Remember to keep the printed edge folded toward the inside and zig zag them back and forth like this...

Use the large rubber bands to secure them like this...

Ok do the other two rows for the bottom layer the same way.

Ok you will need three spools of ribbon. (I suggest to wide ones and one thinner one for fastening together.) I usually like pink or blue but for the neighbor I'm making this diaper castle cake for doesn't know what she is having so I picked gold star printed ribbon and other gold ribbon. (Really like the ribbon to be the same and yes you do need three spools so you don't run out.

Tye the bottom layer together with the ribbon to secure the bottom layer together. Tye with a bow. I also like another bow made on the other side to keep it uniform.


Now lets do the second row. You only need 20 diapers folded and done just like the first row. Secure with rubber band and tye with ribbon. Remember to put a bow on the other side as well.

Using the thinner ribbon for fastening, take a look at picture I tye it to the rubber bands and leave a good 12 inches (one in each corner about two inches in and one in the center making it longer for it needs to go through the third layer to fasten.

Now lets make our towers ( 6 diapers rolled up individually and smaller rubber band to secure each

Lets do the top layer it is 16 diapers (that should be all you have left) folding them the same way secure with rubber band. And fasten with ribbon (I didn't use ribbon here on this one (ran out!)

Tying layers together. set second layer on and string ribbon straight through layer. Becareful not to pull diapers fastened together apart. You can do this carefully.
Pull each end up (the corners just need to go through the ribbon on each side.
Take one of the towers and fasten ribbon around them and tye with a bow. set on each corner side and bring ribbon from underneath and tye around each pillar and curl ribbon.
Do each corner tower the same way.
Wow- need a picture!

Ok the top layer pull string up through the middle

Now take the last two towers and fasten to each end of the top layer with ribbon.
Do each end like this...

Now take the ribbon from the top and separate left and right and pull down through diaper on each side and fasten to the middle ribbon with the bow and tuck behind so it won't show.

Ok Easter time I like easter grass just setting on top of the second and first layer.
But I'm using the star wire to tie in with the star ribbon. I bend it around a large glue stick and bend it where I want it to go and tuck it under the diaper layers to secure it.

You will need 2 craft foam sheets in colors.(found at JoAnns) I divide it into quarters. And one sheet makes four so you will have extra.
I cut it into cone like shapes... Cut trim and staple together and set down on each pillar.

Here they are cut into 6 equal sections

Now roll into a cone and staple and trim bottom so its smooth.

Assemble ontop of pillars. And the fit securely. Castle is finished and should look like this...


Mimka said...

Hello... came across your directions... attempting to make the first castle cake myself tonight... Thanks for all the tips. Hope mine comes out half as nice as yours. :)

Homemade by Lisa said...

Mimka, Thank you for leaving a comment. Hope it turns out for you too. Remember have fun with it. There are no wrong ideas. Be creative.

ckuehn86 said...

I'm trying to make my own and it has been so hard to find someone who gives directions & picutures. Thank you so much for posting both. Ur a life saver!!!