Thursday, March 27, 2008

Butterfly Magnets

I made these last night. I had some magnets on my fridge that the children have peeled the advertisement off of and this is what I came up with.

Crochet Butterfly

Choose your red heart yarn. Regular crochet hook. Pipe cleaner & flat strong magnet.

Row 1 chain 8 and connect and chain three double crochet two so that will be three stiches chain 3 and double crochet three into the ring and keep track and make 8 total.

Row 2 next color slip stitch and tie chain 3,double crochet 2,chain 3 double crochet 3 next loop connect with double crochet 3 in next loop, chain 3 double crochet 3, repeat so 8 are looped and the other are in between connected. (sorry can't explain that better)

Row 3 change yarn slip stitch and single crochet and connect with ten double crochet into the next loop repeat. There must be 8 with this done and the ones inbetween have single crochet just to move to the next wing. fold over when done tie the pipecleaner through middle and glue magnet to back. Have fun.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hello Kitty seems to be a big hit!

I bought a pattern from ebay and have been busy crocheting Hello Kitty dolls and small purses for little girls. My youngest daughter loves purple so I made her a set. Here's the picture. She loves them.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Diaper castle cake

Hi this is my first post!
I made a diaper castle cake today. It took 2 bags of luvs size 2.(100 diapers)
You will need 2 Blue foam sheets. Fold into 4 and cut each cone out. Staple and trim to get the desired shape.
Three spools of ribbon and some easter grass since it's close to easter.
To make the bottom layer.
I took 20 diapers and folded them in half where the crease already is. ( weave them left and right of one another) fasten & tie them with the ribbon
do three rows of 20 diapers and fastened them with the sheer white ribbon. And then tied them all together.
The second layer. I took 20 and did the same thing.
I took 6 and rolled them gently into a circle and tied with the ribbon tied with a bow. The top layer I tied the remaining together in the same manner as the first set and tied together. Then I tied each layer together so they are all fastened together I used hot glue to fasten four towers to the corners of the middle row (becareful not to get glue on the diapers. I insert some foam inbetween ribbon to ribbon so the diapers stay nice. I then glued the last two on top of each end of the top row. Twist cones on top of each tower.
I then fasten bows and add easter grass. This is for a cousin! Hope she enjoys it as much as I did making it.