Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Turkey Mini Burgers

Ok, This was good. When children eat things up that is a good sign that they like it.
How quick and easy these are to make too.

Turkey Mini Burgers

Buy one package of soft rolls from the bakery (8 count)
You will need:
1 pkg. 1 lb. ground turkey
2 green onions diced
Mix together and form patties about a large scoop dropper did the trick.
Next fry them in a pan & top with cheese to melt. so cut a regular slice of cheddar cheese into four servings.
Cut rolls and spread one side with mayo (I love best foods) top with a lettuce leaf, put turkey burger ontop and place a pickle slice on top and a small cherry tomato so it pops open.

Easy Spinach Pasta

1 package of Spinach leaves
1 ripe on the vine cherry tomatoes cut in half
1 small package of mozzerella cheese cut into cubes.
about 1/2 package of penne pasta cooked and cooled.
Mix together and serve. (Note there is no dressing but if you like dressing
go ahead and use some.)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Incredible Spreadable Butter!

I always like buying the spreadable butters and margarines but go through them way too fast. Well, I came across this and it works well.
So-You need to try this...

Incredible Spreadable Butter

1 stick salted butter (just out of the fridge works)
1/3 cup canola oil

Use an electric mixer- whip the butter on high til its fluffed up.
Slowly add oil. Add while mixer in on medium. Scrape down sides. Put
mixture in container allow to chill. Overnight is best!

Dig in- whipping & adding canola oil to your butter produces more butter for
the buck and butter that is lower in saturated fat.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mommy & her little girl

Nat is my youngest little girl. Who loves going to preschool, loves her cat Max and drawing pictures of people and designing clothes for them. Fashion is her passion. She may be a fashion designer when she grows up. And she loves the color purple. Anything I get her that is purple is a big delight to her. And she loves bubble gum icecream its the best. Absolutely, adore her and yes she is growing up too fast. She loves to take pictures with my phone.(Alot of Max)So while were waiting for her bus to come I asked her if I could take our picture to put on my blog. Oh yes! She was delighted.