Monday, February 2, 2009

25 random things!

1. I love to cook. I like trying new things and like gourmet cooking. One of my pickey eaters loves to eat now.

2. I have been a cub scout leader and enjoyed it, got to do lots of things I always wanted to do with that group. At Christmastime we made Solo Christmas balls with christmas lights. We even invited the other groups to join our activity and it was way fun.

3. I collect Geppedo dolls that are numbered. Still looking for them. The company shut down years ago.
They had the doll stands in the mall which got me started.

4. One day, I had a dream while laying down and resting on the couch that all these children came running in. Then I woke up, 20 years later and found out that they were my children. LOL!

5. My favorite disney movie is: Beauty & the Beast. I bought this movie for me even though I just had boys at the time.

6. My favorite movie is Titanic. You just got to love Jack & Rose. I use to watch this every night rocking my daughter to sleep. (OK it was the only movie up in my room) My favorite part was when Rose & Jack were running through the boiler room.

7. I love singing Karaoke in the car. Dont Laugh! I think I'm pretty good.

8. I made scrambled eggs for a brunch at a neighbors house and was asked for the recipe. LOL!

9. I'm an only child. So watching my children get into each others stuff and making each other mad would have made me sycotic. I like my stuff left alone and where I put it. Solution, buying a bigger house, each child gets there own room and they will respect each others space.

10. I have been looking for a Balinese (long haired siamese cat) my whole life. I finally gave up and then I found him. He's a good cat but has his quirks. Like- Let me out, Let me in!

11. My husband & I own our own business. And its been a learning experience the whole way. We pulled through 9-11 and still going.

12. I'm a Johnny Depp fan! I have most of his movies and his tv series 21 jump street. (they are so 80's)
I hope I get to meet him someday. I'd stand all day in a parking lot to greet him. Looks like others do.

13. I have great children. It's fun having a teenage son. The other two boys are still into legos. And the girls love to dress up everyday. And change their clothes too often.

14. I have always wanted to go to Florida. We took the whole family three years ago for a whole week.
Planning on returning this year.

15. I love brownies. I have over 25 recipes and still looking for that perfect recipe that not a box mix.

16. I love crocheting when I have time. I like creating things. I love looking for patterns on the internet and challenging myself to try something different. I have created my grandmothers hand crocheted baby dress. Was real pleased with the result. I have made allstar baby booties. And have mastered Hello Kitty and selling them on Ebay.

17. Ok- For some strange reason I got Brittany Spears three ring circus tickets. I have seats that are ten rows from stage. I got them for a great price and I could triple my money selling them. but I think I really want to go! LOL! I'm dragging my husband there.

18. I love chocolate chip mint icecream. Especially the Aggie brand. I'll even settle for the Oreo one. Yum!

19. I never could swallow pills. I have to crunch them up and take them. Not big on medicine, I endure pain.

20. I don't really like water, but my kids do so they have had swimming lessons straight through since May and still going. I'm not so nervious about them in water anymore.

21. I love the smell of Lilacs (Probably, because growing up they lined the fence outside my window. And the smell blows through the window and it was wonderful!

22. My childhood nighmare, my parents taking me up to the canyon for a picnic and getting back into their car and leaving me. I woke up every time.

23. My favorite flower is the Iris. It's absolutely beautiful, delicate and elegant and can have the strength to stand alone.

24. My chinese cookie on Chinese New Year read, "You long to see the Great Pyramids of Egypt."
So, I got to plan that trip with my daughter. She was so excited she thought we had won the lottery!

25. We love to BBQ! Even in the winter. I just got to have some steak sometimes.

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