Monday, March 2, 2009

Fixing XBOX 360 error code 73

Ok- I have the worst luck with xbox's. I have owned two. And I should have bought the extended warranty for the second one but no. So, We have had it about 7 months and one red circle appeared this weekend. So there it sits, not knowing what to do or who will fix it? So- knowing I gave the first one away. This really bites. All those games and cant play them. Well, Today when my son came home I asked him, what code it was throwing in error? It was error code 73.

Ok, I go on Youtube and see many silly things. Like, that will work. Poking toothpicks in it. They hit the fan. Yikes!

Well, another video suggested wrapping it in a towel and leaving it on for a few minutes. Well, OK that seems silly but I'm desperate at the moment. So, I get a bath towel and lift up the xbox and sit it down on it. Wrap it up with it turned on. OK. So I go to the kitchen talk to my son, pour a drink and finally go back to the machine. And take a peak at the light from the corner still blinking, "One red light." OK
So Now I unwrap it. Turn it off and turn it back on and I'm Yelling at my son come here. It has a green light it might be working. What happened I don't really know but the system is working again. For how long I don't really know but the kids are excited that its running again.

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