Friday, March 6, 2009

Best Hamburger

Ok- I'm blogging about the best hamburger. Seriously, We live in America where Hamburger & fries are the most common fast food. You know everyone has their favorite burger. Whether it is smothered in onions or mustard. But for me I prefer the gourmet burger. I love grilled hamburgers with melted cheese. I Got to have lots of mayo and some ketchup with a very good tomato and fresh lettuce with a pickle. Oh and with Sams onion (this is the purple onion, we call them sams onion at our house from the movie Holes.)Just got to have one.

But when you think of great places to get hamburgers. I have to say Burger King, They put everything on that whopper. And Artic Circle has the Mushroom Swiss Burger that is great too. Village Inn knows how to serve a great burger. But some places make them to tall and hard to eat. They fall apart. Whats your favorite Hamburger?

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