Friday, March 6, 2009

Where to buy food storage?

Well, we are lucky to have a grocery store (Maceys) that sells freeze dried foods.
I currently like buying this on a basis with my regular shopping.
I have always bought something in bulk and store it. I guess that was how I was raised. And I never seem to run out. I always like having certain things on hand like bottled water,ketchup,soup mixes ect..

The other day I thought I was out of cooking spray. How funny is that? when I knew I bought aleast 6 cans in November and had not used them all up. So I bought only two more that day, when I went shopping. Later The 6 cans I knew I had stared right at me when I but the other two with them. I didn't see them earlier. Hmmm!

Well, I have bought food storage online and was amazed how fast they do ship it.
The two companies I like are:

They have canned meat, cheese and butter. I bought the sample packs to see what they were like and have used two of them and the cheese and butter. Good product.

I have bought more canned butter.

I like this one too. But you need to sign up to the mailing list so you can get the specials you want. They very from month to month and I prefer the free shipping.

I have bought sample cases (contains 6 large size cans) of variety fruits, vegetables, and meats. They have been good and I have double my food storage this winter with different combinations of canned items. I'm well pleased with the products I have obtained.

Another product that is really good if you can get a hold of it is freeze dried porkchops. You soak them in water for 30 minutes and then bake accordingly to what you would normally do. I have bought 6 cans alone and have used one. The children liked them and wanted more.

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