Monday, September 13, 2010

How to make a diaper castle cake on a budget!

How to make a diaper castle cake on a budget

First of all I bought three spools of ribbon in white light pink and dark pink, some foam sheets, and a multi size package of rubberbands, some wider ribbon and a bow at the dollar star and used two packages of western family diapers (count 40 each size 3) Cost under twenty dollars.
So not working with the traditional 100 diapers this time. I have only 80 diapers to work with. So this is what I did! Four rows of 16, connect three rows of 16 for the bottom layer. And fasten the other 16 on top of them. Fasten ten for the top row and 6 for the pillars.

Start by folding the diaper over so the printed design part is tucked in.

Fold the next diaper ontop of the other one just facing backwards so printed side is still tucked in.

Here is the stack of 16 folded diapers. Now I use a large rubberband to secure it. (make 4 of these)

take long pieces of ribbon and tie the rubberbands together on the bottom layer.

Arrange like showed in picture. fasten the three rows together with another larger rubberband to secure the bottom row.

pull ribbon up through the top and place the next layer of 16 diapers on top. Repeat with top 12 diapers (ribbon must be long enough to go through the three stacks. Roll up 6 for the tower separately and rubberband like a scroll. Use ribbon to fasten on the castle with aid of the rubberband.

use foam sheets to form pillar tops. roll up like a cone and staple each one. Make sure they are wide enough to fit over the rolled up diaper. Decorate with ribbon or whatever you like. curl the ribbon and top with a bow.

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~Alicia~ said...

Thank you for the editorial. It was very helpful & easy. I threw a baby shower for my best friend & this castle was just what I needed for my princess theme.