Tuesday, January 26, 2010

3-D puzzles

Ok I have had this in the closet for quite sometime. I only had the floor put together and back into the box it goes. LOL! Well, we moved and I really wanted it put together or it will sit on the shelf a few more years. So I finally got it out last night and worked on it all morning and Hurray all put together. I hope it can sit on a shelf in my daughters room. Which will be all decorated with princesses.


Homemade by Lisa said...

I know there is a piece missing in the left bottom side. *SIGH* but it came with a piece missing card to fill out so I'll send it it and see what comes of it.

Homemade by Lisa said...

I did find the missing piece. Its like a find waldo thing. LOL! I was in my car and was cleaning it out. And opened the little tray and their beaming at me was the piece. I was so excited running upstairs to put this piece where it belonged. (I remember putting that piece in the car when we were moving to our new home. It was laying by itself on the floor in our bedroom closet. So I put it in the little tray in the car. Whoo hoo!