Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Turkey Mini Burgers

Ok, This was good. When children eat things up that is a good sign that they like it.
How quick and easy these are to make too.

Turkey Mini Burgers

Buy one package of soft rolls from the bakery (8 count)
You will need:
1 pkg. 1 lb. ground turkey
2 green onions diced
Mix together and form patties about a large scoop dropper did the trick.
Next fry them in a pan & top with cheese to melt. so cut a regular slice of cheddar cheese into four servings.
Cut rolls and spread one side with mayo (I love best foods) top with a lettuce leaf, put turkey burger ontop and place a pickle slice on top and a small cherry tomato so it pops open.

Easy Spinach Pasta

1 package of Spinach leaves
1 ripe on the vine cherry tomatoes cut in half
1 small package of mozzerella cheese cut into cubes.
about 1/2 package of penne pasta cooked and cooled.
Mix together and serve. (Note there is no dressing but if you like dressing
go ahead and use some.)

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