Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How long does it take to heal a bone?

We have had a major incident that had happened! Nattie our youngest broke her leg in the middle of July. This was not a small break this was the Femur about 3-4 inches away from her hip joint. She had a cyst that wouldn't allow the bone to fill in and it had became a week spot in the bone. She was with her oldest brother and other siblings at a friends house playing when she got bumped and landed on her feet when the bone snapped. This was just a matter of time and this would have happened any time anywhere. She had surgery and they put a brace and screws into the bone. Picture below

She is a strong little girl to endure this whole thing and to wake up with to the cast from hell! Six long weeks of this and we kept her with activities to make this time go faster. She watched the whole season of H2O just add water from Netflix, She drawed, she colored, we read books, and thank goodness for DSI games. She had friends visit and give her gifts.

Finally the day we get the cast off! She couldn't walk, when you haven't been using your leg, knee, hip you loose muscle. So off to another 6 weeks to get her going. Crutches were really no help for someone her age with no balance. First weeks are the hardest. Its believing in yourself and for Nattie to believe she can put her leg down and to put some weight on it. School has just started and I had called the Principle and told her that little Nattie may miss some school. Nattie did very well the first week that we tried a half day for her at school and she did well. The school had a wheel chair to help with long distant so we gave it a try. We are concerned about her limping and this is normal as they start using their leg again. We bought a exercise bike that she was scared to get on but once she got on it and tried a full circle motion we couldn't get her off. And it had helped alot. Each day is getting better she may still slightly have a limp but she has come along way. She will have another operation probably when school gets out to remove the brace and pins. At this point bones need 18 months to heal completely. We hope she doesn't have anymore spots in the bones as she grows up. They will monitor her with xrays to keep an eye on it.

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Homemade by Lisa said...

It is November 1 2012! Update: March she had her brace taken out and (she had seven screws and a brace) She did very well. She didn't want to walk afterwards but soon realized her leg wasn't broke anymore and that she could stand up in second day after surgery. Now the count down begins for her bone to be new again in 18 months. She stayed out of school for a month and had all her homework brought to her.
Now its November she runs and plays with everyone you'd never known this happen except for the scar on her leg. Next September can't ccome fast enough for her mother who worrys about her. But she is doing very well.