Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Crochet Sock Monkey Hats

Crochet Sock Monkey Hats for baby boys & girls

Instructions for Sock Monkey Baby Hats
Use color for monkeys hat, ch 4. Sl st in first ch to make a loop.
Round 1- Ch 2 now Dc 15 around loop. Sl st in top of first dc. (15)
Round 2- Ch 1 dc two in each stitch (30)
Round 3- Ch 1 dc in first two and dc two in third and repeat (45)
Round 4- Ch 1 dc in first three and dc two in fourth and repeat(60)
Round 5- Ch 1 dc in each stitch. (60) Tye on and use trim color sc stitch all away around.
Round 6- Using color used for monkey attach yarn in the first dc of round 5. Ch dc in each dc around. Sl st in first dc.
Round 7-13 Ch 1 dc in each dc around. Sl st in first dc. (60 dc)
Can add 3 more rows to make larger size
Earflaps: Row 1-Using monkey color, Tie yarn and start with double crochet 11.
Row 2- Ch 1, turn, dc in next 9
Row 3- Ch 1, turn, dc in next 7
Row 4- Ch 1, turn, dc in next 5
Row 5- Ch 1, turn, dc in next 3 Do the same for the other side. Cut yarn and pull through.
Use the color that trims the hat and SC all the way around hat to trim hat in go all the way around hat.
Mouth: Round 1- Using cream color, ch 11. Working in a round, 2 sc in second ch from hook. Sc in next 8. 4 sc in last ch. Turning work and working on opposite side, sc in next 8. 2 sc in last ch. Sl st. (24 sc)
Round 2- Ch 1. 2sc in first sc. Sc in next 10. 2 sc in next 2. Sc in 10. 2 sc in last sc. Sl st.(28 sc) stitch onto hat amd use black yarn to stitch nostrils
Eyes: Use two black buttons and stitch onto hat in appropriate areas
Ears (make 2): Round 1 Using monkey color, ch 2. 6 sc in first ch. Sl st in first sc. (6 sc)
Round 2 Ch 1. 2 sc in each sc around. Sl st. (12 sc)
Round 3-5- Ch 1. Sc in each sc around. Sl st. (12 sc) Cut yarn leaving a 6-8 inch tail to sew onto hat.
Fold in half and attach ears to sides of hat.
Add braids and a pom pom on top of hat or crochet flower for girls hat. For strings cut 6 36 inch pieces for each strap. Pull through evenly and braid and tie off. Repeat other side. Cut extra yarn off of the bottom leaving a little bit to flair.

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