Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Shoes!

Have you guys heard of skechers fitness footwear? Well, My cousin on facebook said she wanted a pair. I never heard of them. But was curious! So, I googled them and thought they looked like cute shoes. Lots of styles to pick from. So, saturday my Husband & I decided to go shoe shopping. We both bought a pair. They do feel different. And there was like three others in the check out buying them. Shelves were pratically bare. I'm surprised we found some our size.

Introducing the Skechers fitness footwear. Shape up while you walk. Designed to promote weight loss, Tone muscles and Improve posture. They do keep you on your toes.
Get in shape without stepping foot in the gym. I feel like I'm walking in sand. Day number three is tomorrow and we have been taking walks. Feet don't hurt. I'm getting use to this.

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