Monday, October 5, 2009

Lost Recipes!

Hey- You know when you move and pack everything it takes a few months to figure out where things go or alot longer. In my case alot longer since we are remodeling and slowly unpacking. LOL!

I finally got an oven and wanted to make my favorite banana bread and my recipe box didn't contain that recipe so I made a chocolate chip one instead. Wasn't really thinking where that recipe went, until I told a friend about my Sour Cream Fan Rolls. Ok- I looked in my box and no recipe for this either. OK- This was puzzling me. I always put recipes back into my box when I'm making them.

I then remembered I bought a new file box in Spring and was putting what I really like in it. At this point I'm going crazy trying to figure out where my favorite recipe box may be. I remember telling someone that if my house was to burn down I would need this box. I think I would burn down with the house. LOL! I brain stormed, "Where could I have put it." And yes I went right to the Box that had all the important stuff in it and low and behold my cherished recipe box. I'm so happy that I found it. Some recipes are not replacable.

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