Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cache County Fair

Since I've been crocheting and making lots of stuff this year. I entered some of the stuff I made in the fair.
Thanks to Pat, I wouldn't have created any of this. So, off to the fair I go with my creations.
I received 6 blue ribbons and 1 red. I received $21.25 prize money and Riley is really glad I finished his John Deere colored afghan. I'm looking forward to making more stuff to enter next year. My Hello Kitty was a big hit. I am in need of making more of them. My daughters ran off with the blue ribbons. I was one sort for my picture. The girls loved going to the fair and looking at the stuff and eating cotton candy, and riding on the rides. The Fair, You got to love it!

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Homemade by Lisa said...

My son loves John deer tractors so that is why a green and yellow afghan.