Friday, July 25, 2008

Crab Salad

Ok this is a good one! I usually put ollives in it and just eat it but, heres a new way to eat it and have another vegetable that is good for you with it.

Here is the special recipe... I was told by a friend this was a good to eat during general conference.

You make Crab salad & stuff a stemmed artichoke, YES, A Steamed Artichoke!
How good is that!...

My Crab sald consists of...
1 lb. crab flake crumble it up in a bowl, Add 2 stalkes of celery and 1 carrot shredded; 3 small scoops of Mayo, & 1 tsp seasoned salt & 1 tsp. salt. Stir together. Refridgerate for a hour at least.

Stuff with a tablespoon scoop onto each leaf starting from the bottom and working your way up so it opens up. Wonderful Product. Serve, eat & enjoy!

When you eat it pull from the bottom & eat and bite the end slightly off.
Have a place to disgard artichoke peel.

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