Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I made $3.42 by buying this!

3 Irish Spring Body Wash $3.00 each
3 Irish Spring Deodorant $3.00 each
4 Aussie Hair Spray $2.99 each
2 Aussie Shampoo & Cond. $2.99 each

Over $35.00 on its own. Use coupons and shop ads to get best deals.
That's what I did! Used coupons with sales and got money back at cash register.


MotherToMany said...

I've been ripped off by coupons before. There is this instant coffee we get from Wal-Mart that usually costs between 88¢ - 97¢ depending on the store. Inside the box is a coupon for $1 off. The instant coffee is basically free. Well the one day we went in specifically for the coffee as we had run out and wanted to get some for my brother's care package too.

So with coupon's in hand we went to purchase them and the lady wouldn't give us the difference of the 3¢ per box. Instead she wrote on the coupon the price of the coffee and we just got them for free.

I'm irked that I read stories of others getting money back for using coupons and sales while my store keeps MY money from the excess of my coupon. I got my product and they'll bet getting 3¢ more than if I had paid cash. Isn't that wrong, or is that normal?!

Homemade by Lisa said...

Sorry to hear that! Sometimes they don't know how to ring things up and you have to watch them. I bought a product to get another free and when I got home found out they charged me for the second one. Almost like ordering 8 hamburger and missing one. sometimes you don't know what to think but in the long run you win some and loose some.