Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bridal Shower Idea!


Have someone read the letter out loud,while the bride unwraps gifts in basket. She must look for the present marked number one to start and fill in the blank with the name of the gift as you go.

Letter for Bride

Dear (Bride Name),

We have all gathered here today to wish you much love and happiness.

We know that your futire will be 1) BRITE and full of nothing but 2) JOY.

on your wedding day we will all join you & (groom name)as you 3) PLEDGE your love to

each other.

Remember this 4) BRAWNY guy is not always 5) MR. CLEAN. At those times when you want

to 6) SHOUT or 7) VANISH just 8) DIAL or send out an 9) S.O.S.

We are cofident that you will 10) BOUNCE back and remember 11) ALL the joy you bring

each other.

Awake each 12)DAWN with a hug & Kiss and gentle 13) CARESS.

Just remember behind every 14) PUFF of clouds is a glorous rainbow.

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